Dungeons and Dubliners Episode 4: the Great Ravnica Debate

November 25, 2018

Dungeons and Dubliners Episode 4 – The Great Ravnica Debate

In our campaign recap we discuss the slow descent into madness of Brian's character and by the end of the episode we are left to wonder if this indeed a cry for help from Brian himself as the accumulated years with no new Greyhawk product begin to weigh on him.  We discuss how to deal with in character conflict, all the latest releases and recap the Adventurers League news.



00:00 to 10:39  Introduction and Campaign Recap (and DM pro-tips for dealing with challenging characters!)

10:40 to 13:22 Adventurer's League news

13:32 to 17:48 D&D Beyond discussion

17:49 to 23:34  Lost Lab of Kwalish: ábhair iontais!

23:34 to 59:23 Ravnica or Ravernot?

59:24 to 1:05:22  Into the Mad Mage and sign off


Dungeons and Dubliners Episode 3–Tea, Biscuits, and the Tyranny of Point Buy (?)

October 9, 2018

Dungeons and Dubliners Episode 3 – Tea, Biscuits and the Tyranny of Point Buy (?)

In this episode we ruminate on what an exciting time it is to be a nerd as we go through all the exciting Adventurer's League and D&D news.  Some of us, then, rail against the Tyranny of point buy stat generation as we discuss the process of character creation.  Finally we discuss the merits or otherwise of a Session Zero in a time scarce world.  Enjoy!


Episode Index

00:00 to 6.45 Introduction and Campaign Chat

6.45 to 11.55 Adventurers League News

11.55 to 26.22 D&D News and Upcoming Releases

26.22 to 47.17 Character Creation Discussion

47.17 to 55.55 Session Zero?

55.55 to 57.53 Sign off!

Dungeons and Dubliners Episode 2–The Great Multi-Class Debate

September 14, 2018

Dungeons and Dubliners Episode 2 - The Great Multi-Class Debate

In this episode, in a huge leap forward, we present a sound quality that will not only leave your ears unbleeding but is actually pleasant and audible!  We chat  about Dungeons and Dragons big new release, Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and catch up on all the news from the D&D world in Ireland and beyond.  The meat of the episode is the Great Mulitclass Debate of 2018 where straw men are erected and then violently beaten to the ground.     

Episode Index

00:00 to 10:45 Introduction

10:45 to 25:40 Dragon Heist Talk

25:40 to 35:12 D&D News

35:12 to 56:00 The Great Multiclass Debate of 2018

56:00 to 56:22 Sign off! 

Dungeons and Dubliners Episode 1–live from Maynooth

August 10, 2018

Welcome to the first episode of the podcast!  

In this episode we establish our nerd credentials and bask in the rise to domination of the Nerds over the Jocks.  We give a run down on our home campaign, chat about upcoming and recent releases and Brian and Floody get carried away slightly at the scale of the Dublin Adventurers League.  We then realise we are running out of time and quickly review a Dmsguild product.  Finally we sign off and go straight to order recording equipment to ensure a much better sound quality for the next episode!     

Episode Index

00:00 to 12:00 Cast of Characters

12:00 to 29:00 The Dungeons and Dubliners campaign

29:00 to 48:00 5th Edition News

48:00 to 54:00 Dublin Adventurer's League News

54:00 to 59:00 Dungeon Master's Guild review of Monsters Without Borders 


 *Apologies for the poor audio -- this will be rectified in Episode 2!

Introductiory music, "The Rocky Road to Dublin," from Edit Kovács and Roger Zenner via Wikimedia Commons, CC-SA-2.0 Germany license

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August 9, 2018

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